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Hi. I'm Kyle.

I'm a software engineer.
I make computer programs, mobile apps, and also do full-stack web dev.
But really, I like doing anything.

New Posts

I don't know much about Vietnam, but I have a feeling that these exotic foods shown on YouTube are not actually eaten in their home country, but rather were just recorded to be clickbait and to earn money through views. Just like those fake animal rescue videos (which were actually proven fake).

Do you ever have this feeling when, you're browsing old photos you took on a trip to somewhere, and you see that you were on that place, and you took that picture, so it is beyond doubt that you have been to that place, but somehow, trying to recall that memory makes you feel like it was all just a dream?

I've been reverse-engineering Sega Genesis games PCM playback routines. The Z80 instruction set is new to me so it's a bit confusing, but I had a major breakthrough just now. I hope to share my findings soon.